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The Story

creating moments that last a lifetime

Get to Know Us

Meet Jaylene and Scott, best friends for nearly two decades.


Jaylene and Scott grew up together in the very, very small town of St. Johnsville, New York. From a very young age, they always motivated each other in life, sports, arts, fashion, and design. They were determined to get out of their small town to continue their education, travel, work hard, and capture as many life experiences as they could to grow as individuals and be their true authentic selves.

Jaylene and Scott have always been very particular about the little details. Throughout their young adult lives that attention to detail, creativity, and vision only grew bigger. Creating and capturing beautiful ambiances, putting on events, celebrating special moments, and providing beautiful gathering spaces for friends and family really became a standard in their lives. In January 2022, Jaylene and Scott established Rheta Allen + Company. They are so excited to share their talents, vision, creativity, and passion to help make your special occasions and events beautiful and memorable.

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